The unexpected accident of Daniela Aránguiz in the rehearsals of ‘Aquí se baila’

The beauty influencer and actress Daniela Aranguiz She is one of the most followed women on social networks and on Instagram alone she accumulates more than 800,000 followers from all latitudes who are aware of the movements and publications of the former de Jorge Valdivia.

On these days, Daniela Aranguiz He participates in the café concert “Las Indomables” by Patricia Maldonado but at the same time he has already started rehearsing for the reality show ‘Aquí se baila’. There is no doubt that the brunette has a full work schedule and she does not neglect her appearances in Zona de Estrellas either.

Daniela Aranguiz She is quite active on the camera’s social network and now she showed her fans the unexpected and painful accident she suffered during rehearsals for ‘Aqui se baila’. the ex of Jorge Valdivia she broke a false nail from her fiery red manicure and that caused her a lot of trouble.

In his stories, Daniela Aranguizshowed how her partner in the contest, the dancer Darwin Ruiz, finds her piece of nail on the floor and asks her what happened but the influencer cannot answer since she cannot bear the pain in one of her fingers due to this accident that it happened dancing

Some days ago, Daniela Aranguiz confirmed her participation in the Channel 13 program and said: “That’s right, comrades. Women no longer cry, women bill. I am super grateful for this opportunity. Also thanks to the production of the program that has allowed me to participate in this new adventure I know there is a lot of competition but I will try to do my best”.