The unexpected and funny moment that Diego Urrutia and Benjamín Vicuña lived live

Chilean actor Benjamin Vicuna He made a funny joke on the television show “Echale la culpa a Viña”, where he appeared to talk about his new perfume. During his speech, she referred to a comedian’s expolola diego urrutia what was it Higher Level Nursing Technician (TENS)drawing laughter from the set.

The Chilean actor Benjamín Vicuña and the comedian Diego Urrutia met in the program “Échale culpa a Viña” and starred in a funny moment that caused laughter and comments on the set.

During the conversation, Vicuña made a joke about an Urrutia expolola who was a Higher Level Nursing Technician (TENS), recalling the comedian’s routine at the Viña Festival where he told several anecdotes about her.

While they were talking about Vicuña’s new perfume, Carmen Gloria Arroyo gave him a few minutes to promote it, but the actor forgot what he had to say and improvised, according to the Página 7 slogan. “Benjamín has news,” said Carmen Gloria, along to which Vicuña responded by addressing Urrutia: “Yes? Ah… I’m dating TENS.”

The joke drew laughter from everyone present, including Yamila Reyna, a panelist on the program, who told the humorist: “Just the same, just in case, don’t present it to her.” Diego Urrutia, for his part, closed the moment with humor saying: “I’m losing, I’m going backwards.”

Relive the moment below: