The unexpected bad moment that Coté López lived at home

The influencer cote lopez The 34-year-old does not have a peaceful end of the year, in addition to suffering robberies in several of the stores that sell the products of his CLÓ cosmetics line, he had a domestic mishap in the house that he shares with the soccer player Luis Jimenez it will cost you a lot of money.

cote lopez She accumulates more than two million followers from all corners of the world who are aware of her movements and publications, and although the blonde is used to sharing her best looks and poses since she is a benchmark for fashion and trends, now she told a sad situation.

It turns out that in the house of cote lopez There was a water leak and since it was not repaired in time, a large part of the property was flooded and now they must replace the entire floor. “God, holy God! Look, my people. Another little shit, poh, ”she began by saying the blonde in the clips that she shared in her stories with misfortune.

Coté’s accident at home. Source: instagram @cotelopezm

“I saw the water fall, I saw the water fall, and having these loving gentlemen here in the house, hahaha. I didn’t warn you and look what happened. The water leaked through here and I thought that Mirlaine, who works with us, mopped every day and that’s why the floor was like that, all wet. And look, she messed up all over the floor. Now I’m going to have to change everything. hey! God, God, God!” cote lopez with anger

Cote Lopez. Source: Terra archive

in parallel cote lopez It suffered robberies at its make-up stores located in La Florida, Oeste, and Maipú, but it also opened a new one in Mallplaza Egaña. Also, one of the eyeliners that he has in his cosmetics line failed and he had to replace them for his clients. Let’s hope that the influencer starts better in 2023!