The unexpected betrayal suffered by Marité Matus

Marite Matus is living a beautiful sentimental relationship with Camilo Huerta, after separating from Arturo vidal. Let us remember that with the King she was a couple for 10 years, with whom she had 3 children: Elizabetta, Emiliano and “Mono” Vidal. With her ex-husband, she has a cordial bond of affection and respect, due to the issue of children.

Since their relationship is fine with both of them, a message from Marite in the networks in which it says: “Karma once said: whoever betrayed you, they will betray him, whoever lied to you they will lie, whoever deluded you they will delude you, whoever made you cry they will cry, whoever hurt you will be hurt”.

Another of the messages from the ex of Arturo vidal who surprised his fans was when he shared the Aries horoscope in his stories with the text: “You can count your friends perfectly. You see yourself betrayed by many people you considered important and who were by your side. You are realizing that not all They are what they seem and you don’t want to stay in places where they don’t value you.

And he continued: “When you have suspicions of someone very close to you, act cunningly. When they betray you, rage consumes you and you don’t know how you can act, but you have to make an effort to do it intelligently.” Undoubtedly, these messages from Marite they have a recipient but no one knows who.

Marite Matus and Camilo Huerta. Source: Instagram @mariteematus

Some of his followers have mentioned that perhaps his friendship with Gisella Gallardo has ended, but it would be strange since the ex of the King dedicated a few words to him when he finished his courtship with Mauricio Pinilla. Who will the incognito messages of Marite?