The unexpected change of look of Antonia Cristal, former Miss Chile

Antonia Crystal She is a Civil Engineer but in 2021 she represented Chile in the Miss Universe pageant and to this day continues to take photos or promote products and services as an influencer. In the last few days, she did a photo shoot inspired by the “Targaryens” of Game of Thrones.

Is that Antonia posed with a total black outfit but with almost white blonde hair, just like Daenerys Targaryen, from the popular Netflix series. “She went overboard with the blondon goats” joked the former beauty queen, since it was clearly a wig. “How was she on the 18th? I already started Halloween mode, my favorite holiday. I’m interested in doing some cosplay, give me ideas” she asked her fans.

Also Antonia She once again asked her fans to follow her on Twitch and TikTok, the social networks on which she is most active lately. “I am going to broadcast 3 times a week and for now we are fixed on Thursdays and weekends, but exceptionally today I want to connect to play #littlenightmares2 the loveo. Thanks for the support, only talent is missing. The link is in my profile” she wrote.

Antonia Crystal. Source: Instagram @antonia_cristal

But this was not the only change of look of the ex Miss Chile, as he also posed with very short Cleopatra-style hair. “Did I cut my hair or did my head grow?” She joked again with his followers, although then she asked a little more seriously “How would I look with my hair?” And he was honest: “I’ve always wanted to have short hair, maybe a little longer than this… but I remember that the only time I tried it I was about 12 years old, they cut it and straightened it with the dryer, being clearly curly on the day After taking a shower, my curly hair made me look more like Bruno Mars than Natalia Oreiro in the Tu Veneno video clip (which I aspired to)”.

Antonia Crystal. Source: Instagram @antonia_cristal

Antonia Crystal He confessed that for half a year his classmates sang the 31-minute song “they cut my hair badly.” “My trauma haunts me, but for these purposes wigs are good, I love changing my appearance temporarily,” she concluded.