The unexpected change of look of Sonia Isaza that fell in love with Arturo Vidal

the fitness model Sonia Isaac She is one of the most followed women today on social networks both for her beauty and for her talent for physical exercise with excellent results. Only in the social network of the camera, the girlfriend of Arturo vidal accumulates more than three and a half million followers.

Sonia Isaac She shares her best fitness routines for her fans as well as her best poses and looks since she has an impressive figure. But she also reveals something of the life she leads with Arturo vidal in Brazil where the player shines on the court with the Flamengo team that hired him.

The truth is that now Sonia Isaac He surprised all his followers by showing a beautiful makeover in his most recent Instagram stories. The model has hair in a lighter tone and on the postcard she fell in love with everyone included Arturo vidal she combines it with a delicate make up.

Sonia Isaac. Source: instagram @niaisazaoficial

Sonia Isaac She is the protagonist of the most played advertising campaigns since there are several brands that want to have her figure, which makes her one of the most demanded women. The model’s fans immediately reacted to this new look with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

Sonya and Arthur Source: Terra archive

“The prettiest”; “On Fire” ; “Beautifull” ; “beautiful” ; “Mrs. Sonia looks absolutely radiant, she looks much younger than she is, she is admired”; and “Goddess” were some of the comments she received Sonia Isaac in the social network of the camera by his faithful fandom.