The unexpected compliment of Rocío Marengo to Arturo Vidal

Dew Marengo She has been romantically linked to her “A Minute to Win” co-star Jean Phillipe Cretton. The Argentine dancer, in dialogue with Las Últimas Noticias (LUN), assured: “My situation is very difficult because I work with Jean Philippe, but Pame is my friend.”

Marengo She made it more than clear, and explained that they relate to her because they have worked together but she is far from maintaining a sentimental bond with her friend: “Never, ever! With no boyfriend of any friend. No, there is no chance. It’s a rumor because I worked with him. Some things are said on social networks.

On the other hand, the participant of the recently released season of El Discípulo del Chef, also sent an unexpected compliment to Arturo vidal. In the culinary program of Chilevisión, the Argentine had to cook with the soccer player’s mother, Jacqueline Pardo. “How is Aunt Jaque as a mother-in-law?” She began by asking the model.

Rocío Marengo and Jean Philippe Cretton. Source: Instagram @marengorocio

And he insisted: Do you have any unmarried children? I have crossed paths with them on the discs”. Jaqueline, in the tone of a mother, replied: “they being single is something else but they are both committed”. Let’s remember that Vidal He is in a relationship with the Colombian fitness influencer, Sonia Isaza. “And you, how do you find Arthur” Jacqueline asked him, and Marengo surprised with her compliment, emphasizing the difference in height of both: “the truth is that he is good looking, I see him tall… I don’t know him personally. She imagine she would have been Arturo’s girlfriend “. As if that were not enough, he asked the woman if he had wanted her as a daughter-in-law.

Arturo Vidal and Sonia Isaza. Source: Archive

“If you are good, affectionate and love me, there is no problem”, answered the mother of the Flamengo star. “From here to Brazil, my friend Jaque comes to me”, closed the Argentine. At the moment, neither Vidal nor Isaza have spoken about it but it is understood that it was a bit of a joke, as is normal in the famous kitchens of Chilevisión.