The unexpected plague that plagues Shakira’s mansion in Miami

Shakira is one of the most important singers in Latin music and in recent years has managed to become the most awarded and most listened to Latin female artist on all digital platforms. For a year and a half she has been fighting with Gerard Piqué, after the former soccer player was unfaithful to her with a young woman twenty years younger than her and who worked at the Kosmos company. Once installed in Miami, the Colombian is having problems in her mansion that she needs to solve.

In recent weeks, the movie ‘Barbie’ was released in all theaters around the world, which became a success. In relation to this, Shakira launched his own version of ‘Barbie and that they are a hint to Gerard Piqué, after his controversial statements about the Latino population. Through some stories, the Colombian singer said: “This Barbie is proud to be Latin American” and accompanied by the link to the song “Te queda grande” that she composed with Karol G.

Shakira and her version of Barbie. Source Instagram @shakira

Who fueled the controversy between Shakira and Gerard Piqué It was Kun Agüero, who through a stream, commented that he wants to bring them together and that is that the former soccer player is putting together his Queens League women’s team and had thought of the Colombian singer. In a direct, the interpreter of ‘Ojos así’ stated: “You would have to contact her. She’s in Miami, I don’t know how she plays soccer, but we should try. Let her rot everything ”.

For a few weeks, Shakira He is already living in his mansion located in Miami with his two children, Sasha and Milan, which he had acquired in 2001. However, he is not having a good time, because he has a problem with the roof of his house, which is infested with termites and prevents him from leading a peaceful life.

Jordi Martín, the Spanish journalist who has been close to the last time of Shakira, assured that due to problems with termites, the singer and her family could not fully settle. That is why, a pest treatment company to be able to solve that problem and thus be able to live peacefully in her mansion in Miami.