The unexpected reaction of Benjamín Vicuña when asked about China Suárez

In recent days, Benjamín Vicuña and Pampita they were together at two events. In the month of December it is very common for celebrities to attend year-end galas, and the former couple was seen publicly. It was first at the Colón Theater where the international cosmetics and luxury products brand Carolina Herrera organized a reception to conclude 2021.

Although it was expected, the China Suárez She did not attend the event and the rumor began to spread that “they took her down.” However, a source from the organization quoted by Paparazzi, explained: “They asked him not to go so that no kind of trouble could be made. It is a brand of style and that cannot happen at their parties. “Zaira Nara, the host of Pampita Online and the national actor were present.

The next day, Blanca, Benicio, Beltrán and Bautista’s parents also met at the inauguration of the Equus brand in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo, of which Vicuña He is an ambassador. Later, both were consulted about it and explained that “they see each other every week”, as is to be expected, by their children together.

Benjamin Vicuña He was also investigated, by a panelist from Intruders, about his relationship with China Suárez, to which he replied: “Of course we talk. I am a big guy, I am 43 years old and I think it is very clear that our children are ahead of everything. That’s the way it is and that’s how it has to be ”. When the notary wanted to know about the “defense” that the actor made in the middle of the Wandagate, he was not very comfortable.

“It was what was born to me at a time when I felt that there was an excessive attack, but I am not pointing to the press. I’m talking about a social thing that has to do with a tendency that we have to boycott and destroy ourselves ”. By last, Vicuña When asked if he saw Wanda Nara’s interview, the actor wanted to avoid the topic. “No, I don’t know, no, I don’t know. I also preserve myself. I am not going to go around consuming things that do me bad ”, he concluded.