The unexpected reaction of Luis Mateucci when he was asked about Daniela Aránguiz

Daniela Aránguizrecently confirmed as the new member of the popular reality show Channel 13, Tierra Brava, has generated great expectation around his participation in the program. In this context, his ex-partner, the Argentine Luis Mateucci, has starred in a revelation that has caught the attention of the program’s followers. During a conversation with Fabio, Mattucci was asked if he missed Aranguizto which he responded surprisingly: “I don’t know if I miss her“. This unexpected response sparked the curiosity of the viewers.

Luis Mateucci He explained his response, highlighting that he currently feels good with “La Chama“, who is one of the participants in the program. She emphasized that, despite the differences between life inside the reality show and outside, she was surprised by the similarity of thoughts they share with La Chama. This comment hinted that their current relationship could be taking an unexpected turn with the arrival of Daniela Aránguiz to the program.

Luis Mateucci. Source: Instagram @luis_mateucciof

The confirmation of Daniela Aránguiz As a new participant in the reality show, she has added a new element to the dynamics of the program, since her arrival could generate tensions and changes in the relationship between Mattucci and La Chama. Aránguiz anticipated his return to the program with certain conditions, indicating that Mattucci he must “win her back”, and expressing his uncertainty about how their reunion will develop. She also mentioned the need for a pending conversation with Luis.

Besides, Aranguiz offered his first impressions of La Chama, highlighting that he doesn’t know her personally, but he found her great. He emphasized that La Chama It is not her fault to have been involved with someone who had feelings outside of the program, alluding to her relationship with Luis Mateucci.

Daniela Aránguiz. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

In summary, the confirmation of Daniela Aránguiz as a new member of Brave Land has introduced an element of intrigue and expectation into the dynamics of the show, with a surprising revelation of Luis Mateucci about his feelings towards his ex-partner and an uncertain perspective on how the relationship between the three involved in this story within the reality show will evolve.