The unexpected relationship between Marc Anthony and his mother-in-law, Ludy Ferreira

The singer Mark Anthony The 53-year-old fully enjoys his courtship with the Paraguayan model and Miss Universe finalist, Nadia Ferreira, 23. The couple made their relationship official a few weeks ago and was shown at public events such as the wedding of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz.

In addition, Marc Anthony decided to take a few days off with Nadia Ferrera and together they made their first official trip to the paradisiacal beaches of the Dominican Republic. But in this romantic getaway for Easter there were also guests.

It is nothing more and nothing less than the mother of Nadia Ferrera, Ludy and his best friend the photographer Abdala Oviedo. She was the girlfriend of Marc Anthony who did not hide any details and showed in his Instagram stories, before his almost two million followers from all corners of the world, the postcards of the trip.

Rudy, the mother of Nadia Ferreira. Source: instagram @nadiatferreira

Nadia Ferrera and Mark Anthony They traveled to the Dominican Republic in a private plane, on which they also boarded their guests. In one of the stories of the Miss Universe finalist, you can see how the four toast with glasses of champagne for the trip they are about to undertake.

Family vacations. Source: instagram @nadiatferreira

Once installed in the luxurious all-inclusive hotel, Nadia Ferreira showed how her mother rested in the hammock area while chatting animatedly with her son-in-law, Mark Anthony. There is no doubt that the singer is taking the relationship seriously.