The unexpected sign that Lisandra Silva could be pregnant again, at 36 years old

Lisandra Silva is a Cuban actress, television presenter and model, but she has an enormous career in several countries such as Italy, the United States and also in our country. She is very identified with our country, taking into account that she has a relationship with the renowned dancer Raul Peralta, considered one of the great artists on television and with whom he has two small children. However, in recent days, the model born in Havana gave indications that she could be expecting her third child at 36 years of age and her explanation caught everyone’s attention.

The race of Lisandra Silva It began when he was 14 years old and parading on the catwalks of the Cuban city of Havana and thanks to a talent scout, he began his career in Italy and the United States. From 2009 to 2014, the model was making her career in Europe where she was apart of several contests on Italian television, as well as a presenter of reality shows. Later, she decided to move to the United States to participate in beauty pageants and later to walk on the most important catwalks in the world.

Lisandra Silva is a prominent Cuban model. Source Instagram @lisandrasilva

In the year 2017, Lysandra Silva She arrived in our country to participate in other dance programs and beauty contests and a year later she met Raúl Peralta, her current partner and father of her two children who were born in 2020 and 2021, respectively. In recent weeks, the Cuban model broke the silence about the supposed rumor of a fight with her partner and she made it clear that they live together and that they are still together and that she has tired of denying rumors of a fight.

Lisandra Silva has participated in several dance programs. Source Instagram @lisandrasilva

In the last few hours Lisandra Silva He was in an interview with Angélica Castro through an Instagram live and there he gave indications that he could be pregnant for the third time, due to a particular situation that happened to him. Raúl Peralta’s partner said: “There is a very funny anecdote and it is that I am a person who sleeps very little, I am a super light sleeper and it is impossible to take a nap.” However, she confessed that at one point, she fell asleep.

Lisanda Silva could be pregnant by Raúl Peralta at 36 years old. Source Instagram @lisandrasilva

Continuing with this theme, Lisandra Silva highlighted: “When I wake up, I see Raúl worried and asking me if I was okay. This is something that happens to me when I’m pregnant, that gives me this withering thing and I fall asleep instantly. And when asked if she is pregnant, Raúl Peralta’s partner stated: “We don’t know, anything can happen.”