The unexpected words of Michelle Salas to Paloma Cuevas, Luis Miguel’s girlfriend

Michelle Salas is a young Mexican designer and influencer, known for her work in the world of fashion. However, her name will always be linked to that of her father, the famous singer Luis Miguel. Despite the fact that Michelle has not sought to dedicate herself to the artistic world, she has always had great exposure due to her fame.

Born in 1989, Michelle Salas She is the daughter of actress and singer Stephanie Salas and granddaughter of actress Sylvia Pasquel and Silvia Pinal, Luis Buñuel’s muse. Despite her fame, Michelle has always been very private with her personal life. On one occasion, she commented: “Something why I always considered not going into the entertainment industry is because since I was little I suffered because everyone knew everything about me, about my family, without me having any word on what was said “.

The story of Michelle Salas It’s amazing, since his father, Luis Miguel, he did not recognize her as his daughter until 2005, when she was already sixteen years old. However, after that first meeting, Luis Miguel was seeing his daughter for about three years before she disappeared from her life. Michelle took a DNA test in Los Angeles in 2005 and thus she became the recognized daughter of the singer.

Now, Michelle Salas She lives in Madrid with her boyfriend, Danilo Díaz Morales, a Venezuelan businessman with whom she has had an on-and-off relationship since 2016. It is likely that she and her father, who is also in Madrid, have had a meeting in the city . However, what is certain is that Michelle has been able to build her own career in the world of fashion, leaving behind the shadow of her famous father.

Regarding her father’s girlfriend, Michelle admitted to a group of reporters that she knows dove caves, to whom he also dedicated affectionate words when defining her as “a great woman”. Michelle she preferred not to comment on the question of whether she had had the opportunity to meet Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas, but she assured that she thought it was “phenomenal” that they are happy.