The unthinkable fight that Pamela Díaz had with a woman in the supermarket

Pamela Díaz is considered one of the most important television hosts in our country and thanks to her charisma and her strong personality, she has managed to win the affection of the entire public. La Fiera as she is known in the world of entertainment is at her best personally, not only with her partner but also in the workplace. However, the model reported in Instagram the tense moment he lived in a supermarket with a woman with whom he verbally assaulted.

In the last weeks, Pamela Diaz She was visiting a television program ‘Celebrities to classes’ and there she commented that her time as a student was not entirely good, because she was expelled from schools eight times. Among the reasons that La Fiera gave, she argued that they did not understand her and that she also moved constantly. She finished her studies at the Liceo Pedro Aguirre Cerda and then she began to venture into modeling, participating in several beauty pageants, being one of the most beautiful women in the ’90s.

Pamela Díaz was expelled from eight schools. Source Instagram @pamefierediaz

The fans and followers of The Fierce Diaz They are happy because he launched his own brand of perfume called ‘Feroz’ which he has already presented and is available at various points of sale. In the presentation of her cosmetic, the 41-year-old driver revealed that she was with her entire team looking for the right fragrance.

Pamela Díaz and her perfume. Source Instagram @pamefierediaz

On the other hand, in the last hours, Pamela Diaz He was on an Instagram Live by Arturo Longton and confessed that he had a crossroads with a woman at the supermarket checkout. La Fiera recounted: “He told me to be more careful and I replied ‘I didn’t say hello’ and he whispered something loud in my ear”. In addition, the driver added: “Chula cu…, you don’t have any money, broken shit…” On this, Pamela Díaz stated that she stared at her, paid at the checkout and then made the gesture of throwing bills.

La Fiera reported that he had a crossroads with a woman in line at the supermarket. Source Instagram @pamefierediaz

Meanwhile, through your account Instagram where she has more than two and a half million followers, she is in charge of demonstrating that she is still one of the most beautiful women of all and shows off her figure wearing tight dresses or swimsuits that are all the rage among fans.

La Fiera and her incredible body. Source Instagram @pamefierediaz