The unthinkable gesture of China Suárez with Pampita that moved everyone

In Argentina, every year the pilgrimage to Luján is made to thank the Virgin. pampita She has already been part of this celebration and this 2022 she did it again with her husband, Roberto García Moritán, her youngest children (Beltrán and Benicio), her brother Guillermo and some friends.

Benjamín Vicuña’s ex took advantage of her account Instagram official, with more than seven million followers, to thank everyone who accompanied her. “Thank you all for this wonderful pilgrimage! All this was possible thanks to each one of you!” started posting.

Pampita in the Church of Luján. Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial

“The joint energy, the mutual help, the patience, the generosity, was in all of us who undertook this spiritual journey this morning. Each one of those small gestures between us gave us the strength to take each step. pampita along with several photographs of the entire group.

Pampita with her brother. Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial

In the first of the images, pampita He showed himself without filters and with tears in his eyes. “Thank you for your courage and dedication. May all our prayers be heard. May our loved ones and our beloved Argentina have a good year!” continued posting her.

Pampita showed Blanca’s locket. Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial

In one of the images, the model showed that she carried a photograph of her daughter Blanca in one of her hands. Let’s remember that it was recently 10 years since her death. “Thank you beautiful Virgin of Luján for receiving us in your house! For the tears of love that sprouted how much we had you in front of us! Protect us under your mantle, take good care of us, heal our wounds and always be with us!” The host concluded the posting that exceeded half a million likes and 8,000 comments. What was most striking was that China Suarez He left her a red heart emoji, as a sign of support and condolences.

The reaction of China Suárez. Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial