The US inflation data makes Piazza Affari breathe

Positive day for Piazza Affari, pushed upwards after the release of data on US inflation for the month of July, which does not grow compared to June, contrary to expectations. The Ftse Mib gained 0.95%, closing at 22,702.44 points. The spread between German BTPs and Bunds is stable at around 210 basis points.

According to Michael Metcalfe, Head of Macro Strategy at State Street Global Markets, the US figure is “a big improvement over the June data and, if repeated in August, could reduce pressure on the Federal Reserve.” In short, the peak of the rise in prices may have been reached and this should lead to monetary policies that are no more restrictive than expected, with benefits for the entire global economy.

On the main Piazza Affari list, Iveco (+ 3.90%) and Prysmian (+ 3.95%) achieved excellent results, with Intesa Sanpaolo analysts who raised the target price on the stock to 39.2 euros and recommended purchase of shares. Positive, then, for Stm (+ 3.39%), Cnh (+ 2.21%), Pirelli (+ 2.40%) and Nexi (+ 2.88%). Banks also did well, with Intesa Sanpaolo gaining 0.91%, Unicredit 1.34% and Bper 2.28%.

Sitting down, however, for oil, with the price of crude oil falling below $ 95 per barrel. At the bottom of the list, therefore, there are Tenaris (-1.08%), Eni (-0.59%), while Saipem turns green (+ 0.83%) after the indiscretion on the potential exit of Caio in September , with the appointment of a new CEO. Terna (-0.57%), Tim (-0.90%) and Atlantia (-0.26%) also lost ground, with the takeover bid launched by Edizione and Blackstone on the holding which, according to some rumors, could slip one month. (in collaboration with