The US Navy’s doomsday plane has landed in Iceland

The US Air Force “Doomsday Plane” has landed in Iceland. The name of the large aircraft is not accidental: the Mercury E-6B is in fact deployed in the event of serious conflicts when it is necessary to ensure the transmission of information for the launch of nuclear warheads. The aircraft arrived in Iceland in recent days as part of “an operation in the area of ​​responsibility of the command of the US Armed Forces in Europe”. This was announced in a tweet by the US European Command. “The crew – continues the post – met the US ambassador in Iceland Carrin Patman and other diplomatic and military leaders”.

Boeing with 72 hours autonomy

The Mercury E-6 is a modified Boeing 707-320. The E-6B, landed in Iceland, is the updated version of the E-6A with a new cockpit that increases pilot awareness. The aircraft can reach a speed of 960 km/h and has a range of over 15 hours without refueling and 72 hours, three days, with in-flight refuelling. The Boeing operates as a command post and communications center, relaying information from the National Command Authority and playing a key role in relaying to ballistic missile submarines. Its particular potential and its use in case of nuclear danger have allowed it to be given the name “plane of the apocalypse”.

Message to Putin

His arrival in Europe suggests a preventive move by the United States in case of degeneration of the war with Russia. Fears of a nuclear escalation of the conflict have increased since Putin, last February 24, announced the suspension of the START treaty signed for the first time in 1991 and concerning the reduction of strategic nuclear weapons with an intercontinental range.