The Vasquezes begin their "SUMMER LOVES TOUR 2023"

Summer arrives, the heat and the holidays, that is, that perfect time arrives that we wait for all year round where we can go out to have a good time, to live love, to dance, enjoy and sing. for all that The Vasquezes present their “SUMMER LOVE TOUR 2023”

The brothers arrive with all the renewed energy to go on a tour with a lot of romanticism but also with a lot of special onion pop flavor to ride this end of the year and summer since it will include “CUMBIA, CUMBIA, CUMBIA” their new song that came out on digital platforms this December 9th and you are already making thousands dance!

It is a new song that comes with a video clip that shows the effect that Los Vasquez are capable of generating in the public.

The Vázquez family / Photo by Arturo Ledezma / Terra Chile Archive

Where can you see the Los Vásquez tour?

The tour starts at the Enjoy in Viña del Mar on January 19, then on January 20 pop onion arrives at the Enjoy in Santiago, on January 21 the Vasquez tour the Enjoy in Coquimbo, then the brothers will celebrate on the 14 February on Valentine’s Day at the new Enjoy in Pucón, from there on February 18 they perform at the Monticello in San Francisco de Mostazal.

The last date of the “SUMMER LOVE TOUR 2023” will be February 19 at Enjoy in Coquimbo.

Tickets are already on sale at for the Enjoy casinos, and for the show at the Monticello casino.

Tickets for the concert in San Francisco de Mostazal are purchased through the system.