The veiled lady, fantastic news: no one expected it yet it happened

The Veiled Lady, fantastic news has arrived in the last hours: no one expected it yet it happened.

In recent years we have had the opportunity to see many TV series, and all in different ways have accompanied us for several weeks or months and have above all fascinated us. The plots are different and the attention is focused on different themes often with shots that focus on the reasons that most captured the interest of the public.

the veiled lady, news (credits: rai play)

In recent times, Rai in particular, has broadcast many TV series and fiction, which have met with impressive success. In these months, pending the start of the new seasons, not only the series, but also the programs, reruns have been broadcast. We thus had the opportunity to follow La dama Velata againthe TV series starring Miriam Leone as Countess Clara and Lino Guanciale who played Count Guido Fossà.

This only had one season aired in 2015. Subsequently many had clamored for a second story but there never was, and the rai has never revealed the reasons. We do not know if this was a choice of the company or of the two protagonists who have always been very busy in these 7 years. In the last hours a news has arrived, in reference to the TV series that no one expected: let’s find out what happened.

The veiled lady, fantastic news has arrived: no one was expecting it, what happened

In these summer months, reruns of many TV programs and series and films have been aired. In fact, in May-June the seasons we have seen during the year close to start again in September. Obviously, this is not the case for all formats and fiction. In fact, with the presentation of the schedules we learned several weeks ago which broadcasts we will see again and who will not go on the air.

Rai has decided to broadcast La dama velata in reruns during these weeks offseries that aired in 2015. Miriam Leone and Lino Pillow are the protagonists flanked by other great actors and actresses. After the last time we saw it, about 7 years ago, it hasn’t continued. No new season for the series, despite being clamored by viewers. The reasons for this choice are not known, whether due to Rai or to the commitments of the two actors. In fact, both Miriam and Lino have worked a lot in recent years, between cinema and television. The fact is that apparently the series is liked and the news just arrived shows it.

the veiled lady news
The veiled lady (credit: youtubw)

The replicas of La dama velata were a success. The latest episodes aired on Sunday 4 September have won over 2 million viewers, bringing the share to around 17.92%. A great triumph for the first and only season of the fiction that conquered the evening.