The Verdenas in santoni version in the Crystal Ball video

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The video clip has been released crystal balls, the second extract from the Verdena album titled I wanted magic. The music video anticipates the trio from Bergamo’s upcoming European tour, as well as the last Italian indoor date (to be held in Rome on March 31st). In the video clip of Crystal Ball the disturbing rites of an imaginary sect are described, with the members of the band as gurus.

“Given the slow unfolding of Verdena’s career, when the trio from Bergamo releases a record there is a certain widespread need to enjoy everything that the band will do in that small interlude of activity before escaping into their Bergamo oblivion”, he writes in these hours Rolling Stone.

So this video clip, which you can watch at the bottom of this article, is no less.

Written and directed by Roberto Saku Cinardi, the video clip of crystal balls comes after a few months from that of Chaise Longue.

The video clip

crystal balls is the second extracted from I wanted magic, the seventh studio album by the band from Bergamo. Always the music magazine Rolling Stone judge the record in this way: “The best Italian record released in 2022”. No ifs, ands or buts, as they say…
crystal balls it’s a nice little gem, with “powerful drums and lashing guitars, in full Verdena style”.

In the video clip, the Verdenas play three holy men at the head of an imaginary spiritual sect.
“Music and text lend themselves to different interpretations, they know how to be evocative without ever being explicit or banal”, explains the director of the video clip, Roberto Saku Cinardi. “When I listened crystal balls for the first time, I heard something crazy and disturbing in Alberto’s words: as if they were the disconnected sentences of a motivator or a holy man. And then lysergic atmospheres, but also a lot of irony. For this reason, and also because it is a subject that fascinates me so much, I thought of staging a sort of mockumentary that shows us a fictitious sect led by three depraved and fraudulent leaders, as disturbing as it is ridiculous in its rituals”.

Just to give you a taste of the disjointed phrases Cinardi talks about, we report below the opening of the song: “L’estrus / you can, you’re super / I’d assist you in a thousand races / blow”.

The legendary eighties game titled and sung

The words “Blow me into a Crystal Ball” are clearly linked to the game born in the past decades in Italy and still very current, the Crystal ball (the game is written with the lowercase b of “ball”), equipped with a cannula in which to blow to create very soft balloons (and which do not stick, as the legendary commercial quoted).
Crystal ball was born from the idea of ​​Doctor Claudio Pasini, a chemist from Brianza, and his partner Carlo Alberto Colombo. In 1947 it was marketed under the name of Le bubble fairy but it was not successful, so much so that it was withdrawn from the market.

Twenty years later Pasini founded his company in Burago di Molgora, which since 1993 has been called Pasini Laboratorio Chimico, and in 1968 he resumed marketing the colored gummy paste with which to create balloons by blowing into a special torch.

The boom then came in the 1980s, when the product began to be distributed by Giochi Preziosi. We are talking about a game sold in millions of copies.

The tour of the Verdenas

Verdena will tour Europe in the last week of April 2023. The last Italian indoor date will instead be held on March 31 at the Palazzo dello Sport in Rome, before leaving for a new summer tour which will begin at the end of May.

Below you will find the video clip crystal balls of the Verdenas.