The very famous actress spoke of a dark period in her life: “I thought about suicide”

The very famous actress spoke of a dark period in her life when she thought about taking her own life: “I thought about suicide”.

Telling yourself is always difficult and even more so for characters from the world of entertainment. They are constantly under the spotlight and unfortunately always have to deal with people’s unkind comments and negative judgments. In fact, a not too blatant confession is often enough to make the case explode and the avalanche of words from the public are never few.

“I thought about suicide” (credits: youtube) solossip

This is why many characters have great difficulty in telling themselves but many times it is inevitable. It’s also a way to get rid of a burden, to discover yourself and make yourself known by those who have been following them for a long time. A much loved and world famous actress in a documentary made a difficult confession: he told of a dark period in his life in which he says he thought about suicide.

She explained that she felt she was different and actually everyone made her feel like this, abnormal: “Everyone in the company made me feel different. I didn’t want to wear a specific dress.”

The actress has spoken openly about a dark period in her life, when she thought about suicide

A much loved actress and also a model, she recounted some dark years of her life in the BBC News documentary, Planet Sex. Years in which she thought about suicide, when others made her feel different and she felt abnormal. Cara Delevingne explained that she lived her adolescence in a confused state and dealing with it was quite difficult.

Cara identifies as queer and gender fluid. In the documentary she says that her struggles against her sexual orientation have not given her the opportunity to live peaceful days, like all other teenagers. It is not the first time that he confesses that he has thought about suicide. In an old interview she had revealed it by talking about this moment in his life. However, the actress who defined herself as queer and gender fluid reiterates that the pronoun she uses is still ‘she’.

I thought suicide confession
Confession of the actress (credits: youtube)solossip

She is proud to be a woman and still stands up for what women deserve: “But I also don’t believe that if your pronouns are feminine you have to act or dress a certain way. It’s kind of what I believe“, has explained. Cara Delevingne is an actress and model who is famous all over the world and is also much loved. In the last period she had worried the fans, she had been seen in a state that has made everyone alarmed. In a video from about two months ago on social media, in fact, she appeared staggering and without shoes as she wandered around the Los Angeles airport. It would seem that the model is experiencing a new moment of unease after having told the dark period of her life in a documentary.