The very hard moment that Paulina Nin de Cardona lives

This Monday, in a new chapter of “Text Game”, Katty Kowaleczko, “Tita” Ureta, Begoña Basauri, María Jimena Pereyra, “Pepi” Velasco, “Chiqui” Aguayo, Rayén Araya and Yazmín Vásquez will question the driver Paulina Nin de Cardona.

The current face of REC TV, the retro channel of Channel 13, will remember her beginnings in animation when she presented the 1982 Viña del Mar Festival accompanying Antonio Vodanovic. “Antonio received me very cordially and he told me that he had a cabal: to hit men and women three slaps on the tambembe before leaving. I told him ‘Your cabal is beautiful, but not with me’. And he seemed super strange to him, ”he will point out about the legendary entertainer of the contest.

About her first marriage with Canuto Errázuriz, the cheerleader will remember that the last years of the 13 that she was married did not go well, since she had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

“That final period I felt quite alone, he never realized how serious and how painful my illness was, physically and spiritually. I didn’t have a good time, he was more of a friend to his friends, I was alone and with the two children, so one day I made up my mind and said ‘No more’ (…) I think one should marry with a contract that lasts five years renewable for another five as long as both parties agree. Otherwise, the company was dissolved”, he will maintain Pauline.

Paulina Nin in Textual Game

She will also refer to the million-dollar scam of which she was a victim in 2001 by the “star accountant”, Luis Cajas, while she was the morning face of Channel 13. “One day she arrived at her office and there was a computer on the floor , all bare, the sister showing her face and crying. She had left the country with the money of 20 people. She got about 300 fee slips from me, ”she will recount, telling that the debts contracted by him completely ruined her.

“I undid my house, I gave away windows, kitchen furniture. I lived six months in a Copeva house wrapped in plastic with my daughter, ”she will confess.

Likewise, she will tell details about the death of “Cosita”, the dog that accompanied her in the morning “La mañana del trece”. “She was my great friend, and she came to be in this world where she had to be,” she will say, recalling that after a domestic accident, the pet was left with a punctured lung and died in her arms.

“When he died, the world came crashing down on me. She was screaming, saying ‘Don’t touch her’. I wrapped it in a tuto de guagua and I took it to cremate it (…) I put it myself in the can inside the oven and I stayed three hours waiting until they delivered it to me. I cried all over. I have her in a wooden box with a little bone that says her name and her date of birth and death, ”she will reveal, adding that she currently has 20 dogs in her house.

Paulina Nin in Textual Game
Paulina Nin in Textual Game

For her part, regarding the Crohn’s disease she suffers from, Paulina will point out that she was diagnosed 30 years ago, and that it took a lot of effort to find her ailment. “I was very bad. I spent 25 days hospitalized at the German Clinic and they couldn’t find what I had, they came every day to tell me what I didn’t have, neither AIDS, nor lupus, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, but they didn’t know what I had. I could not move with swollen joints, ”she will recall.

After learning what she had, there came a point where living like this became untenable for the cheerleader, unless she had surgery. “I went through many surgeons who told me that she could not operate on me. But I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t have a cup of tea, it was as if they had put a little shavings inside me. He did ‘Cuéntame’ on TVN and he weighed 48 kilos”, revealed Paulina.

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