The very secretive Keanu Reeves talks about girlfriend Alexandra Grant in an interview

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The relationship between is booming Keanu Reeves And Alexandra Grantone of the best known couples in Hollywood despite both the actor and the artist having little interest in celebrity and the limelight.
The actor of matrixthis season the protagonist of the cinemas with the fourth chapter of John Wickhe spoke to journalists about his life partner dedicating some to her very sweet words.

Reeves’ interview and answers about Grant

Reeves did his thing extraordinary simplicity one of the most representative traits of his anti-star personality. The way she handled her romance with Alexandra Grant from the beginning, American visual artist born in 1973 (Reeves was born in 1964), is yet another demonstration of how little interest the Lebanese-born actor is in celebrity and Hollywood gossip.

It is no coincidence, in fact, that not even in this important season for him, characterized by the promotion of John Week 4, the star has decided to appear around the United States by adopting a low profile which means, for actors of his caliber, also avoiding treading the red carpets as a couple.
Alexandra Grant is not here to the events related to the film but is present in the mind of the interpreter of the action saga to the point of becoming the protagonist of his interviews.
At the magazine People who asked him what was his last moment of blissthe actor replied without hesitation that it certainly was in the company of his sweet girlfriend. His answer was also seasoned with some truly unedited detail-circumstances for the normally very reserved Reeves.
His last memento of true joy was spent in bed with Grant, laughing and joking in total harmony.

Keanu Reeves’ beautifully normal love story

Let the couple be happy and in love even after a few years from the beginning of the relationship it is a fact evident to all. Friends and acquaintances of the couple have confirmed that Grant, in the past season, got on a plane to join the actor on the set while he was busy filming the latest film by matrix.
Reeves and Grant have been seen often on Broadway, a place they love to frequent together and where they share a common passion for theater and acting. Otherwise, it’s quite easy to see the star and his artist girlfriend in a Beverly Hills restaurant for an intimate dinner or with some friends.
A quite ordinary life, never over the top, which exactly reflects the image that both have always given on the red carpet. One of the last is that of the MOCA Gala 2022, an occasion in which the two appeared together (she, in a beautiful, elegant and chic red dress) without hiding the tenderness with which they look at each other, especially when they are not caught by photographers.