The VI edition of the Errant Castle is underway: cinema is being made in the villages of Lazio

The International Cinema Residence is back, an innovative format for the production and promotion of cinema and audiovisuals, which aims to involve and enhance the most evocative places in the Lazio region by involving and attracting the best young talents

At the starting line of its VI edition Wandering Castlethe International residence of cinemaan innovative format for the production and promotion of cinema and audiovisual, a point of reference in the field of national and international artistic residencies, which aims to involve and enhance the most evocative places in the Lazio region by involving and attracting the best young talents who are looking out over the world of audiovisual productions, promoting international exchanges and the consequent economic repercussions on the territories in which it operates.

The troupe of Castello Errante protagonist of the Residence program is composed of 12 students and young professionals under-35 selected from the numerous applications received, and sees the presence of young people from: Italy, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Dominican Republic.

Until November 18, the troupe will have as its base one of the most important monuments of historical and archaeological interest on the Tyrrhenian coast north of Rome, the enchanting Santa Severa Castle (RM), recognized as one of the most important cultural centers in the area, capable of hosting both a museum center and multifunctional spaces dedicated to cultural activities and artist residences. The troupe will be able to interact on several levels with the territory involved: the production activities will move through the discovery of the territory, its enhancement and the consequent visibility of our heritage abroad, favoring cultural exchange, technological innovation, eco-sustainability of processes. A project that involves students and workers from Italy and the territories of Latin America, creating a bridge between academic training and the practice associated with the audiovisual industry.

In the first phase of online residency, the international troupe has already participated in various Masterclasses directed by great international professionals in the audiovisual world such as Andrew Mottl, Stefan Grandinetti, Edoardo Rossi and Rolf Coulanges. In the rich program of the first part, moments of development and pre-production of the short fiction “Cosmo & Wanda”, this year’s winning screenplay by Lorenzo Carapezzi, and of the short documentary alternated. The two productions will be finalized in the village of Santa Severa under the guidance of the project tutors, Alvaro Cortes Poo, Head of Training and Tutor of Photography Departments, Edoardo Fracchia, Supervisor and Tutor Short Documentary and Salvatore Lizzio, Production Manager, great professionals of the audiovisual world, each of them with an important curriculum of international productions and awards behind them.

The spirit of the 2022 edition of Castello Errante is well represented by the new graphic design, by the lunar and inclusive atmosphere, in which the landscape borders are in constant movement, in constant search for a definition and which herald a feeling of settlement and landing. : after the challenge of the great wave, the uncertainties and the desire to restart that have characterized the last two years, Castello Errante from the sea reaches the mainland, aware of the mutations underway on a global scale, and with the desire to continually question itself on new forms of change. A landing that is not, therefore, a goal, but a new course that wants to intercept the new lines of cultural and technological language, aiming to make it a concrete and innovative synthesis.

As usual, the filmic works produced will begin a promotion path in the festivals belonging to the Castello Errante network, as well as in all national and international events, with competition sections dedicated to the short film.

Among the latest works produced during last year’s residency, we highlight without a shadow of a doubt “The last scoop”, directed by the young director Jacopo Brucculeri, a road movie that traces, through his most famous shots, the career of Adriano Bartoloni, one of the historic paparazzi of the Roman dolce vita, as well as the director’s grandfather. An intense open-hearted dialogue between grandfather and grandson, reconnecting the threads of a career full of encounters and satisfactions, which also represents an extraordinary itinerary among the many landscapes of Lazio, from the lyrical rurality of the Sabina to the alleys and monumental squares of Rome, passing through the papal residence of Castel Gandolfo, place of the famous photos taken by Bartoloni to document the private moments in the life of Pope Wojtyla.

Castello Errante is a pole dedicated to innovation in the audiovisual sector, a project based on the international production experience and, at the same time, constitutes a touristic promotion path of the Italian villages, allowing an interesting cultural and economic fallout in peripheral urban territories. A forerunner in the development of co-production projects and in supporting the creation of bilateral agreements between Italy and the countries involved and a center for the promotion of cultural diversity as a reason for exchange and growth.

Castello Errante is organized by Occhi di Giove srl with the support of: Ibermedia Program, Ministry of Culture, Lazio Region; in collaboration with IILA – Italo-Latin American International Organization, Rome Lazio Film Commission, Doc / it – Italian Documentary Association, the Embassies of Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua , Dominican Republic and Uruguay, as well as several Latin American National Film Schools, and the Latin American partner Festivals Icaro International Film Festival (Guatemala); the audiovisual community of deleFOCO which organizes the Shnit Fest in Costa Rica; the Amazonia del Plata Festivals, the Festival Internacional de Cine Devocional, Vinilonga festival and The short Film Lab (Argentina); The Imago Festival organized by the Universidad de las Artes (Cuba) and the Ficma and Fenacir Festivals (Mexico