The vice president of the European Parliament, Zile: “Events like L’Eroica can help protect the territories”

Repetto (Ministry of the Environment), “This type of care and attention helps to preserve and be less overwhelmed by extreme events”

“People are concerned about climate change, a battle against climate change depends not only on Italy but on the whole world. Getting around by bike is much better than getting around by car, and L’Eroica creates opportunities and goes perfectly with the promotion of wine and territory”. The vice president of the European Parliament Roberts Zile told Adnkronos during the three days of Eroica Montalcino which culminated in Sunday’s race with over 2,200 cyclists at the start on their vintage bicycles. “Europe is doing its part: there will be aid from the solidarity fund for the flooded areas of Emilia Romagna), but others must also act. Tourism will change with more active people who approach that world. The Eroica helps maintain the dirt roads it represents an existing infrastructure that is bike friendly, there is no need to create a separate infrastructure.”

“The people we have around here today tell us that they are here not only because they like the place but also because they want to take care of it: whoever organizes an event of this kind does it because they have attention and care for the territory – adds, on the same occasion, the communication director of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security, Domenico Repetto-. The question is simple in its dialectic but very complicated in its implementation. It is clear that tragedies like the one in Emilia Romagna could be avoided if there were more care, however we cannot say that Romagna has taken little care of the territory. We must equip ourselves in the face of absolutely exceptional meteorological events, review the way in which we manage our territories. Surely what we are seeing here these days here in Montalcino it is the demonstration that if you give care and attention to the territory you can naturally protect it better and above all make it available to future generations. To be less overwhelmed by events of that kind, we need to review the paradigms through which to create protection tools”.

This time in Montalcino there were more than 2200 cyclists who set off from Piazza del Popolo for one of the five routes available. A mix of great popular passion, without generation limits and geographical boundaries: “Eroica has many merits, all earned on the field – declares Giancarlo Brocci – creator of L’Eroica – with absolute certainty, Eroica events produce more and more joy and happiness. Both in Italy and around the world, contamination knows no bounds”.

“Everything went wonderfully – adds Franco Rossi, president of Eroica Italia – we are delighted that more and more people are coming to Eroica Montalcino. Collateral events are increasing, the enthusiasm and commitment of the many realities in the area are growing. I have an obligation to thank the many volunteers, the associations that helped us set up the refreshments and routes, all the forces of order, the institutions and the whole territory. All very good”.

The most cycled route was that of 79 kilometers with 684 cyclists, the 96-kilometer route was chosen by 566 cyclists. The longest one, of 153 kilometres, by 472 cyclists. The two shorter routes were chosen by 423 cyclists (46 kilometres), 69 cyclists cycled the 27 kilometer route. Of the 2214 participants, 487 foreigners came from 39 countries, as many as 243 women on the pedals.