The video that ensures that Clara Chía Martí is trans and what is her real name

After the controversial separation between Shakira and Gerard Piqué in a controversial way, the former Barcelona soccer player began to have a relationship with a young woman who works at his company Kosmos and is the one with whom he cheated on the Colombian singer. To silence rumors, the Spaniard announced his courtship with the young Clara Chía Martí, with whom he has been seen as very romantic on several occasions. In recent days, the news has leaked that he could be trans and that her name is another.

Since it became known that Shakira and Pique They were going to separate, the main rumor that began to circulate in the media was that at that time, the Barcelona soccer player had been unfaithful, he was even linked to the mother of one of his teammates. However, it was finally confirmed that he went with a Kosmos employee named Clara Chía Martí. The couple decided to whitewash the relationship in the midst of the controversy and they have been together for several months now.

Clara Chia and Piqué. Source Instagram @clarachia_official

In recent days, the rumor began to circulate that Clara Chia Marti He would have been unfaithful to Piqué with Pep Guardiola, the Spanish’s former coach in Barcelona. Some Spanish sources assure that he would have done it in the form of revenge, but so far it has not been fully confirmed. On the other hand, they offered Clara Chía a million-dollar figure that ranges from one million euros to destroy Shakira and tell how the relationship began and to break the silence.

They assure that Clara Chía would have had an affair with Pep Guardiola. Source Instagram @clarachia_official

However, the controversy continues and it is that some sources assure that Clara Chia Marti it would be a trans person and that a doctor was behind the cosmetic surgeries performed on the public relations student. In addition, it would have been Milan, Piqué’s son, who declared that his father’s girlfriend would have been born a man.

On the other hand, other sources assure that Pique he is aware of everything and that he would have even done everything possible to hide the surgeries. So far, neither Piqué nor Clara Chia They have come out to give explanations about it and it is most likely that they continue in silence, as has been the case before.