The VIP coffeur: “Summer look? Rhinestone clothespins for men and women”

“Good long hair, but well-groomed and equipped to have fun after the pandemic”

Summer 2022 look, hair chapter. The only watchword: long if cared for and equipped. Hair stylist Roberto D’Antonio, coiffeur of the capital’s VIPs, talks about it with Adnkronos, who dictates the line: “Long or short, it doesn’t matter, but you must always rinse them with fresh water, moisturize them, trim them, maybe color them for the youngest, focusing on the wet effect, as if they had come out of the sea and on accessories … Headbands, clothespins, tiaras, headbands …. For girls, many accessories … “.

“In the evening, women with long hair pick them up to stay in order”, suggests the Coiffeur who, dispelling the cliché of short hair for over 50s, states: “Hair should be cut if it is not cared for, if it is damaged, not for the age”. And the men? “All men, including heterosexuals, must focus on accessories. Rhinestone clips, like those proposed by Dolce & Gabbana, especially if their hair is long. After a long time spent at home, prisoners of the pandemic, it’s nice that they too can wear make-up, comb their hair and wear some eye makeup, such as black or blue kajal, which makes the look of young people who want to have fun look captivating. ”