The Voice: how to vote online in the grand finale this Thursday, June 15?

The grand finale of The Voice is coming up and fans of the show are eager to get involved and vote for their favorites. If you want to exercise your voice and support your favorite contestant, here’s how you can vote in the grand finale, which will air this Thursday, June 15.

During the development of the program, the moment in which the voting will open will be announced. Viewers will have the opportunity to access the Chilevisión website, either directly at or through the official website You do not need to register to cast your vote on the finalwhich makes the process easier.

Once on the voting platform, you will be able to select your favorite participant. The names of the finalists will be available for you to choose the one you consider worthy of winning in The Voice. You just have to follow the instructions indicated on the site and cast your vote.

As for the participants of the great final, there is an outstanding group of semifinalists who have reached this stage. On the one hand, there is Team Puma, made up of Stanley Weissoh, Dany Álvarez, Alexis Salinas, Hadonais Nieves and the duo Il Sogno, made up of Willimas Camus and Roberto Díaz. On the other hand, there are the Team Royce qualifiers: Alexia Valech, Alexis Vásquez, Camilo Peralta, Alondra Bravo and the duo of Christofer Herrera and Fabián Salgado. In addition, the semifinalists of Team Beto are added: Zoylyn Ybarra, Marcelo Durán, Celene Painemal, Antonia Ñúñez and Savka Gómez.

The scheduled date for the broadcast of the final episode of The Voice It is this Thursday, June 15 at 10:30 p.m. You will be able to enjoy the competition and find out who will be the winner through the live broadcast of Chilevisión and its online channel at