The Voice: the particular profession of a participant to pay for singing classes

the reality show The Voice is one of the most watched programs today and also has important figures on the jury such as cougar rodriguez, Prince Royce, Francisca Valenzuela and Beto Cuevas. Hundreds of participants pass through there who want to fulfill the dream of professionalizing their career.

What drew attention this week was the confession of the participant Javier Torres, native of Maipu. The young woman said that her dream is to live from music but in the meantime to professionalize her career, she uses the paid content platform Only Fans to pay for the studies.

“Music is my goal and I know that to make music in Chile you have to invest in production, in image. So it spreads, but it doesn’t spread as I wanted, so later I opened the Only Fans, I decided, I discussed it with my partner and he supported me. The concept is model and cosplay”, commented Javiera.

javiera She is 29 years old, she is a dog groomer and studied theater but now she is taking singing classes and ear training to succeed with her passion. She in turn she decided to go through The Voice and it is in the blind auditions stage to see if this format can give it a boost to fame and thus leave Only Fans.

When they asked him how he is doing in Only Fans, Javiera He said between laughs: “It was not a topic because in the photos I am one, during the day I am another”, but at the same time the participant of The Voice He stressed that “music is the most important thing, but I want to complement it with the staging.”