The week of Piazza Affari begins with the plus sign

Christine Lagarde pushes European stock exchanges higher. Highs from the beginning of the year for Piazza Affari, which rose during the second part in the wake of the reassurances coming from Christine Lagarde, who did not miss an opportunity to point out that in 2022 we will not see an increase in the cost of money in Euroland.

On the Ftse Mib, which closed with + 0.49% at 27,868.13 points, the best performance was recorded by Telecom Italia (+ 3.06%), second position for Terna (+ 1.83%) and on the The lowest step of the podium is Unipol with + 1.6%.

Among the best performances we also find Moncler (+ 1.3%), included for the third consecutive year in the Dow Jones Sustainability (Djsi) World and Europe indices obtaining, in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment 2021, the highest score (89/100 ) of the “Textiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods” sector.

Equality for Saipem (-0.08%), which announced the award of new contracts for $ 600 million, and for Leonardo (-0.03%), which signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries for maintenance services to support the helicopter fleet.

On the government bond market, the spread between our BTPs with maturity 10 and the corresponding German bond did not register significant changes at 121 basis points. (in collaboration with