The Weeknd in Guinness World Records: exceeds 100 million streams in one month on Spotify

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His name stands out among the most listened to artists on Spotify, The Weeknd. Guinness World Records has confirmed that he is the most famous artist worldwide with over 111 million plays as of March 20 and 100 million plays per month. Frightening figures, yet his music seems loved by a heterogeneous audience, of various ages and various countries. At the top of Spotify’s records there have long been Miley Cyrus with around 82.4 million listens and Shakira with 81.6 million, and certainly the song Die For You that The Weeknd recorded together with Ariana Grande made a nice contribution by going viral on TikTok. An unprecedented milestone for the 33-year-old artist.

Who is The Weeknd

His real name is Abel Tesfaye and he is a singer and musician Canadian with Ethiopian ancestry. Born in Toronto to immigrants, The Weeknd has started his career in 2009 with songs from the R&B genre on YouTube. After two years he co-founded the XO record label with which he began to make success by winning four Grammy Awards, twenty Billboard Music Awards and many other awards, including some Oscar nominations. In 2012 she published the collection trilogy and in 2013 comes his first studio album titled Kissland. The first real satisfactions came in 2015 with the second album, Beauty Behind the Madness which has attracted the attention of the public and industry experts. She has collaborated with many famous artists such as Daft Punk, Ariana Grande and her song Earned It was nominated for an Oscar for soundtrack by Fifty Shades of Gray.

A difficult childhood

“I saw him off and on when I was six and then again when I was 11 or 12, and he had a new family and kids. I don’t even know where she lived. I’d like to see him, I’m sure he’s a great person, I’ve never judged him, he wasn’t violent, he wasn’t an alcoholic, he wasn’t a s ******, he just wasn’t there” said the artist who grew up with his maternal grandmother and mother who was a nurse and waitress after the father abandoned the family out of the blue. Thinking about his adolescence in an interview The Weeknd called it “the film Kids without AIDS”, confessing to the use of increasingly hard drugs during his high school years, as well as petty thefts with friends. At 17 he wrote songs and started a project with a producer called The Noise and in 2010 he formed the group The Weekend with Jeremy Rose and then became a soloist under the name of The Weeknd. The traces of him on YouTube are depopulated and his professional life takes off.