The Welfare State tells all the nuances of life on the stage of the Magazzini Generali

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Lodo Guenzi summed up the concert with a simple but effective sentence: “This is the best Sunday of our lives”. April 16th The welfare state performed on the stage of Stores generals with iconic songs, unreleased songs and two guests.

The welfare state, great classics waiting for the new album

Pump the debt is the song with which the group entered the Magazzini Generali in Milan for the sold out date. The Welfare State brought fun, love, fraternity, inclusiveness and very important issues to an audience that responded by celebrating life for about two and a half hours.

The group has drawn from its vast repertoire proposing historical songs and other more recent ones, such as for example Combat Pop And A life on vacationthe latter ranked second at the Sanremo Festival 2018.

Among the songs heard also the beautiful Love each other bad, Heart thief with caterpillar And Music is not serious. During the evening Lo Stato Sociale told the many elements of life with truthfulness and irony, such as friendship in All my friends.

The evening did not spare two big surprises, or rather guests: the first was Vasco BrondiThe second one Mobrici who presented the exciting and delicate unreleased Laugh at me made in collaboration with the group and coming soon.

Furthermore, Lo Stato Sociale has announced the imminent distribution of the new album, of which we will soon know the title and release date. An evening in which the trait d’union was the desire to celebrate life.