The well-known actor admits it without delay: “I don’t know how to act”, the confession after years of career

The well-known and much-loved actor of films and television dramas admits without delay: “I don’t know how to act”, the confession after years of career

There confession of the known and beloved actor literally left us speechless. We know there is never a shortage of twists in front of the cameras by well-known personalities from the entertainment world. But hearing these words left us practically stunned! “I can’t act“, yet we would never have said it right?

Actor’s confession (Credits: Instagram)

Of well-known faces on the screen who have captivated audiences for their talent as well as their beauty, there are quite a few. Among these, there is also the face of the well-known actor of films and television dramas who for years now has been entertaining the public in his performances by wearing the different clothes of the various characters and embodying always different roles. Just in the last few months, we have seen the actor make his debut in two new television dramas, respectively on the two main television stations, Rai and Mediaset. And so, during an interview with Il Messaggero, today without delay, he confessed: “I can’t act“. She would have said hers was just a fluke. But who are we talking about?

“I can’t act”: the actor’s confession displaces everyone

It is really strange to hear the beloved Raul Bova pronounce this sentence, yet to the microphones of the Messenger during an interview, he did it, he really said it. The interview was centered on a much-loved face from television dramas who in recent months has recorded a truly remarkable number of plays thanks to Don Matteo and the other drama we saw aired on Canale 5, Justice for all. He made his debut on the small screen at a very young age, however, he has become since then, back in 1992. By the way, do you remember what he was like when he was young? In short, given the success achieved as an actor it seems really difficult to be able to believe those words. Yet, without any hesitation and with much modesty we would add, Raoul Bova declared to the microphones of the Messenger that his was a stroke of luck thanks to a joke that came to him well. “I can’t act I’ll be the first to say. I made a fortune with just one expression“, then he learned others, the actor certainly began with a lot of irony.

confession actor
Confession of Raoul Bova (Credits: Instagram)

The actor would have said in his confession that what he missed and what he lacks according to him, are not the passion and the heart but the technique. “Technically I’m a disaster, but I’ve always put my heart into it. The truth comes before the acting”. And then an anecdote came out about his big dream as an actor, Hollywood. He had auditioned for Tomb Raider, but this was a real disaster. Only some time later, the beautiful Angelina Jolie confided to him on the set of the film The Tourist that she herself was rooting for him. The actor regretted the failed audition by letting it be known that if he had been successful in that role, he knows now what his life in Hollywood would be like. Of course, however, he does not complain about the life he now has both from a professional and private point of view, Raoul Bova’s life is a real success.

And do you agree with his words?