The well-known character wants to return to work after a year off

After the break that began about a year ago, the well-known character wants to go back to work and talks about it in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

Talent, professionalism and passion for one’s work are the fundamental qualities that allow you to reach the top in all sectors. Loving what you do as a profession is the ‘secret’ of a long and successful career. Especially for public figures it is important that a relationship of esteem, trust and respect is established with the public who will inevitably appreciate their professional and human qualities.

Beloved character wonderful news (Credits: Instagram)

The well-known face we are talking about here knows well: since the 80s it has been one of the pillars of sports information and today it is one of the most popular commentators ever. He had therefore caused a little concern about his decision to take a break announced last year in an interview with Fanpage a few minutes after the triumph of the National Blue team at the 2021 European Championships.

“I take some time to stay on vacation, I will certainly continue my relationship with Sky, I do not feel like saying that I will continue to do commentary forever, nor that I will stop now”, he said on that occasion in amazement. of all.

He wants to go back to work: the announcement of the well-known character makes the fans cheer

His voice is undoubtedly one of the best known in Italy since it served him to comment on the most beautiful and unforgettable moments of the Azzurri at the 2006 World Cup and also of Euro 2020. We are obviously talking about Fabio Caressawhich together with Giuseppe Bergomi form one of the most popular pairs of commentators of Sky.

Just now he has made it known, through an interview granted to the Courier of the Evening, which starting this season will return to comment on the matches live. Not the championship, but the international tournaments. “And after a year off, because because of the enthusiasm you risk going over the top, I pick up the commentary of the Champions or Europa League”, he revealed to the well-known newspaper.

In all this time off, the husband of Benedetta Parodi however, he took care of the commentary of the Nations League matches while maintaining his commitment with Club as he had announced. As for the Club, this will resume precisely in conjunction with the opening of the championship. Among other things, the program will be able to get back the highlights thanks to the agreement reached between Sky and Dazn.

It will be missing instead Melissa Sattaat least as anticipated by the always up-to-date TvBlog. The decision to insert a former Velina di Striscia la Notizia in a television context dedicated to football had been the target of criticism from many in the past season, remember?

well-known character
Well-known character returns to work (Credits: Instagram)

Are you also enthusiastic about the return of the talented Fabio Caressa to sports commentaries?