The witch from Yailin La Más Viral broke the silence about the witchcraft he did to Karol G

The controversy has been unleashed around the Dominican singer Yailin ‘The most viral’, ex-wife of the famous reggaeton singer Anuel AA, due to the statements of an alleged santero known as ‘Brujo Américo’. The man has assured that the artist asked him to perform a work of black magic so that Anuel would fall in love with her, although the singer would have defaulted on the payment of the $3,700 that she owed her for this spell, for which it would have been annulled.

The santero has also claimed that Yailin came to him on another occasion to separate Carol G. of anuel aa. Although the information has not been confirmed, it has generated great controversy among the followers of these singers.

It is important to remember that the witchcraft and black magic are practices that do not have any scientific support or empirical verification, and that are often used as extortion and manipulation tools by supposed witches and psychics. In addition, these practices can be dangerous for the mental health of the people who perform or receive them, since they can generate feelings of guilt, anxiety and stress.

In any case, the most important thing is not to get carried away by unconfirmed information and not fall into the temptation of resorting to magical or esoteric practices, known as witchcraft, to solve personal problems. The best way to deal with difficulties is to seek professional help and work on resolving conflicts responsibly and consciously.

On the other hand, it is important not to fall into the judgment and the pointing towards Yailin the most Viral and all the people involved, since there is no verified information about what happened. In summary, a critical and objective attitude towards this information must be maintained, and always seek the truth and transparency in everything that is disseminated in the media.