The ‘Wizard of Oz’ between musical and circus enchants the Brancaccio audience in Rome

From the same production of ‘Alice in the Wonderland’, directed by Maxim Romanov

Continue to enchant, even in the literal sense of the term, the ‘Wizard of Oz’the fantastic fairy tale based on the book by Frank Baum is now proposed, in the version between musical and circus that merge into a single dimension, by the same production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’directed by Maxim Romanovon stage until April 30 at Brancaccio theater in Rome. In the role of Dorothy the very young Anastasia Dyatlova, with a cast made up of 25 artists, including actors, singers, actors, acrobats, tightrope walkers, illusionists, dancers, with dialogues in the original language and Italian subtitles.

Dorothy she is a little orphan who lives with her uncles. One day, a tornado sweeps away their house and the wind carries it to the country of Oz, inhabited by four witches, two good and two bad, and by the famous wizard of Oz who from his palace in the capital Emerald is able to fulfill any wish. Thanks also to two magical glass slippers, the little girl will dodge all danger and will also obtain the desired gifts from her three very special travel companions: the heartless tin man, the brainless scarecrow, the cowardly lion without courage.

The Wizard of Oz he is not a real wizard: he is just an old ventriloquist who arrived in Oz during a trip in a hot air balloon: he pretends to give a brain, a heart and courage to Dorothy’s three companions but in reality – he underlines Maxim Romanov in the director’s notes – each of them already had the qualities they wanted, without knowing it”. Just look, with heart, brain and courage, inside ourselves…

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)