The Wonder Room, everything you need to know about Liza Azuelos’ film

An intense and unpredictable adventure that will excite our local audience. The room of wondersthe new film by Liza Azuelosis available in Italy from 13 July, distributed by Notorius Pictures. Here are the details of the plot, the performers of the cast and the curiosities about the film starring an extraordinary Alexandra Lamy.

The story from Sandrel’s bestseller

Lisa Azuelos is one of the most appreciated European authorial voices when it comes to women’s stories and parenthood on the big screen. No wonder that The room of wondersa film she directed and co-wrote by Juliette Sales, Julien Sandrel and Fabien Suarez, has gained public attention since the publication of the trailer, also released in Italian last June.
The story, adaptation for the cinema of the facts narrated in Julien Sandrel bestseller of 2018 The Book of Wonders (title of which there is not yet an Italian version), is the story of a courageous mother determined to bring back to life her son who has been in a coma for months following a serious accident.
Disheartened by months of hospitalization with no improvements, the woman decides to give herself new goals aiming to awaken her son with stories of his adventures. The author of the itineraries is the boy who had entrusted all his dreams as a child to an illustrated diary

The Fantastic Adventure of Alexandra Lamy

Alexandra Lamyformer interpreter of Two boyfriends for Juliette (2017) e Lucky Luke (2009), is here grappling with the role of the protagonist, Thelma, perhaps one of the most intense of her career.
The 51-year-old actress, Jean Dujardin’s ex-wife, packs her backpack and sets off in pursuit of her son’s fantasies that will lead her to defy the authorities and lead her on a journey between continents, from Portugal to Japan to fulfill what the boy had inserted in his to-do list before the end of the world”.
Alongside Lamy, in the cast, there are also Olga Kurylenko, Muriel RobinXavier Lacaille and Maria Fernanda Candido, all committed to giving voice to a story that moves on several registers, mainly dramatic, in which there is no shortage of spectacular moments and amusing ideas.
As a European film, The room of wonders is in the list of films participating in the initiative”Cinema Revolution” promoted by the Ministry of Culture for the 2023 summer season which aims to bring the public into the hall with tickets sold at a special price. The initiative extends to Italian and European films in cinemas from 16 June to 16 September and extends to over three thousand screens throughout the country.