The works of art and objects completely in gold: here is the villa of Flavio Briatore

Have you ever seen Flavio Briatore’s villa? It is completely rich in works of art and gold objects: seeing it will leave you amazed.

If the holiday villa of Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez has left you totally stunned, that of Flavio Briatore will arouse the same effect. Taking a look on his official Instagram channel, where by the way he is very active, we tracked down a series of shots that show us some crazy ‘details’ of his home.

Flavio Briatore House. Credits: Instagram

Among the most successful faces of Italian entrepreneurship, there is him: Flavio Briatore! Envied by everyone, Elisabetta Gregoraci’s ex-husband enjoys an impressive success also on his official social channel. It is here that, sifting through it carefully, we were able to track down some shots of his house.

Flavio Briatore loves to travel, but when he is not around for work he loves returning to his villa in Montecarlo and enjoying a lot of relaxation. But have you ever seen it? We do and we assure you that it is really crazy! Inside it is not only possible to trace various works of art, but also objects completely covered in gold.

Have you ever seen Flavio Briatore’s villa? Fabulous!

That Flavio Briatore you are a lover of luxury and you love to make a good impression, we already knew that. Pictures of his villa in Montecarlo, however, they give us ample confirmation. Sifting through his Instagram channel, as we said, we tracked down some shots that show us some ‘details’ of his house. Have you ever seen it? We’ll take care of showing you everything. Be very careful, though: let’s talk about something sublime!

Looking at her photogallery of her home, we realized that not only Michelle Hunziker is an art lover. In fact, Flavio Briatore too is and could not help but wallpaper the walls of her house with precious and prestigious paintings.

villa briatore
Flavio painted. Credits: Instagram

In this image that we have just proposed above, in fact, you can see Flavio Briatore lying on a majestic brown chair with behind not only a huge bouquet of flowers, but also a painting worth about 1 million euros. Do you believe that the passion for art ended here? Absolutely no!

flavio briatore
Flavio Briatore square. Credits: Instagram

Also in this other video that appeared on social networks, a painting of a woman of the time appears behind Flavio Briatore. In short, do not say that the entrepreneur does not have good taste!

If the works of art are numerous in Flavio Briatore’s villa, even the objects completely in gold are no exception. Downstairs of his house, in fact, the ex-husband of Elisabetta Gregoraci has several bear-shaped statues covered in gold. Take a look here:

villa briatore
Briatore bears. Credits: Instagram
briatore statues
Briatore golden statues. Credits: Instagram

For his villa in Monaco, Flavio Briatore has thought of everything down to the smallest detail. Is it fabulous for us, for you?