The world of soap bubbles in ‘BuBBles Revolution’ in Rome

From tomorrow to Sunday 27 November at the Teatro Olimpico the show by Marco Zoppi and Rolanda which has toured the world, visiting 60 countries on 4 continents and registering over 300,000 spectators

Arrive at Olympic Theater From Rome ‘Bubbles Revolution‘, the show of Marco Zoppi And Rolandaconsidered among the top international Bubbles Artists and awarded in New York by the International Magician Society of Merlin Award, the Oscar of Magic. The show, which went around the world visiting 60 countries from 4 continents and recording beyond 300,000 spectatorswill be on stage from tomorrow to Sunday 27 November and drags the viewer into the world of soap bubbles, an experience that belongs to the experience of each of us and is perhaps one of the first fascinating mysteries that capture our imagination. The marvelous perfection of the roundness, the impalpable fragility, the evanescence of the bubble are elements which, despite the technological evolution and the advent of the digital that pervades every aspect of our lives, maintain a unique charm which, in the hands of Marco and Rolanda , become ingredients of a sublime work of art.

Halfway between art sculptors and jugglers of fantastic creations, the two artists lead the public on an exciting journey into the magical world of soap bubbles, a fantastic dimension where everything is possible and there are no limits to the imagination. “’BuBBles Revolution’ is not a show ‘of’ soap bubbles, but it is a show ‘with’ soap bubbles – he says Marco Zoppi – In the show we use bubbles not as an end, but as a means to tell a story. And I don’t mean my story and Rolanda’s, but that of all of us. Because it is the story of an emotion that belongs to us and that is as simple as it is complicated to explain: amazement!”.

In a crescendo of increasingly surprising images, through their hands and with the sole aid of soap and a few magical objects, Marco and Rolanda shape multiform and colorful creations, transparent and mother-of-pearl, shiny or candid like the stage smoke with which they play . They draw a persuasive dance of surprising figures in the air, taking us into a fantastic universe. Increasingly large bubbles that merge revealing how many different ways it is possible to play with these dreamlike creations.

Marco Zoppi and Rolanda Sabaliauskaite, a young illusionist of Lithuanian nationality, have proposed the show ‘BuBBles Revolution’ in almost 60 countries on 4 continents, treading, among others, the stages of New York, Las Vegas, Dubai, Beijing, Moscow, Paris and Hong Kong. A global success thanks to the effectiveness of a transversal show that enchants, surprises and entertains an audience of all ages and which, without words, reaches spectators of every language and culture.

Marco Zoppi is one of the most successful Bubble Artists on the world scene, constantly present in the most prestigious international contexts. His numbers, also presented at ‘Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde’ in Paris, have also recently been noticed by the prestigious International Magician Society of New York which awarded him the Merlin Award as Best European Bubble Artist. Marco Zoppi was born in Palermo but currently lives and works in Rome. The first magic shows at the age of 15 allow him to acquire a great deal of experience in the entertainment world. In 2012 he was an integral part of the ‘Underwater Bubble Show’, the first European production on soap bubbles, staged in some of the most important historic Italian theatres. In the same year he was a guest of the Gardaland amusement park for 6 months and for 2 consecutive seasons he was the main attraction of the Bobbejaanland amusement park in Belgium. In a short time he collects numerous participations in galas and international festivals in Italy, Principality of Monaco, Belgium, France, Holland, Lithuania, Latvia, Switzerland, Germany, England, Colombia, Turkey, Dubai and Qatar and various television appearances throughout Europe. As of 2014, the show is seen by more than 250,000 viewers in 12 countries around the world. In July 2014 the “International Magicians Society” of New York awarded him the “Merlin Award” (the international Oscar of Magic) as Best European Bubble Artist. In 2015 he was at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club (Monaco), in Brussels, Paris, Cyprus, Hanover, Blackpool (UK) and Moscow for the television program “Magic Stars of XXI° Century” at the prestigious Crocus City Hall in front of 15,000 spectators . In 2016 he was Artist-in-Residence at the House of Magic in Macau today’s most important stable production with the greatest illusionists in the world.

Rolanda was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, but after meeting Marco, she moved to Rome to follow the artistic evolution of ‘BuBBles Revolution’. She graduated in psychology at the University of Vilnius and passionate about magic since the age of 14, she is entrusted with the parts of the show more related to magic and illusionism. She also distinguishes herself in Light Painting; a perfect mix between the art of Speed ​​Painting and illusionistic techniques which, starting from painting with light on a special material sensitive to ultraviolet rays, creates effects with light never seen before. Lights, manipulation, levitations and soap bubbles are essential components of Rolanda’s magical world.