The world of Tim Burton, the exhibition at the National Cinema Museum in Turin

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Tim Burton will have a dedicated exhibition at the National Cinema Museum in Turin. The exhibition is titled “The World of Tim Burton” and is curated by Jenny He with Tim Burton Productions.

It will be open from 10 October 2023 to 7 April 2024 at the Mole Antonelliana, where the Turin national museum dedicated to the seventh art is housed.
The legendary American director will also be the protagonist of a Masterclass and will receive the Stella della Mole award for his innovative contribution to the history of cinema.
This is the first time that the exhibition “The world of Tim Burton” has arrived in Italy.
It includes precious documents, drawings and sketches, telling many curiosities focused on the recurring themes and visual motifs of the characters born from this visionary genius.

“Hosting Tim Burton in Turin is a dream come true”, said Domenico De Gaetano, director of the National Cinema Museum of Turin. “The fantastic imagery of his films has accompanied our lives, from children to adults, and will be wonderful to see how the colorful and extravagant world of Tim Burton will fit into the magical space of the Mole Antonelliana”, adds De Gaetano.

“For more than 30 years he conquered us with his stories”

Even the president of the National Cinema Museum, Enzo Ghigo, expresses himself enthusiastically. “Once again the National Cinema Museum pays homage to a great artist of international renown. With his great creativity and mastery he has given life to universal films, appreciated by all. For over 30 years he has captivated us with his stories, from Beetlejuice And Batman until the recent big hit of Wednesdaythe second most-watched English-language Netflix series ever.”

An immersive exhibition that offers itself as an exclusive journey into the mind of a genius

“The World of Tim Burton” will be an immersive exhibition that offers itself as a one-way ticket for an exclusive journey into the mind of a genius. To quote the remake of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the 2015 film (signed by Tim Burton) entitled The Chocolate Factorythe ticket for this exhibition coincides precisely with the legendary Golden Ticket, the golden ticket in Willy Wonka’s chocolate bars to enter his legendary factory.
In this case the Willy Wonka will be Burton himself, whose artistic production will be explored in the round, and across the board. We will enter his world, his brilliant mind, the incredible imagination that he has created over three decades.

Over 500 works will be part of the exhibition

The exhibition that will arrive in Turin in October will be divided into ten thematic sections and will present over 500 examples of original works of art. These are works never seen before, or exhibited very rarely.

The corpus of the exhibition will cover Tim Burton’s entire career, from his beginnings to his most recent projects.
We will go from sketches to paintings, from drawings to photographs, up to specimens of concept art, to storyboards, costumes, moving works, maquettes (the sketches of advertisements), puppets and life-size sculptural installations.