The writer-fan Federico Moccia: “Lotito would have done well in the Senate and in politics”

The author of ‘Three meters above the sky’ super Lazio fan

“It is a pity that Lotito remains out of the Senate: everything I saw Lotito do, although always discussed, served to bring order to the accounts and roles, within a complex society as it is Lazio; and I am convinced that Italian politics would also have been ‘game’ to have Lotito in the Senate. “This is the comment given to AdnKronos by the writer Federico Moccia, the author of ‘Three meters above the sky’ and super Lazio fan.

Lotito managed to pay off his debts and settle the management of the Lazio sports club – he remembers – and this certainly does him honor. A man like that, perhaps verbose in speaking but very practical in acting, nowadays, it would not be bad to take him into consideration also in politics, at the cost of suffering some of his speech in ‘latinorum’. Our country is weakened by a chronic lack of practicality and so let’s say that today Italy is missing some more Lotito …“.

(from Enzo Bonaiuto)