The Yet to Come Experience: how it was born and what it is

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Paul and Majjo, founders of the musical project Yet To Come, in 2021 imagine a different way to promote their music and thus the “Yet To Come Creator Contest” is born, shortly thereafter important newspapers begin to define them as Italian forerunners of what is the international current of viral philanthropy. To understand this definition attributed to the project, we need to take a step back, because after a year of economic hardship due to the forced closure dictated by the pandemic in 2020, Yet To Come implement an unusual plan: the two voluntarily give up the only expected work compensation to ask the employer to offer prizes for artists for the exact amount that should have constituted their cache. In doing so, they imagine a new nationwide contest dedicated to artists and creatives that takes place entirely online. In its first edition, the “YTC Creator Contest” proves to be a success in terms of participation and echo at the national press level. Currently the contest project is growing and the two have just created an event: it is the Yet To Come Experience, materialized thanks to the support of a prestigious sponsor, which led to the meeting of different artistic forms. A visual art exhibition was associated with the release “Party di Isola”, new single signed by YTC and first in collaboration with Benzai Recordsindependent label born from the fresh and innovative vision of manager Frank Bonavena.

The event

The event was also characterized by a live performance by Yet To Come themselves with their band but also by that of several musicians who participated in the contest including the singer-songwriter Nicola Lombardo. Numerous musical guests from outside the contest also enriched the evening: among these, the great singer-songwriter arrived as Secret Guest Star George Then, leaving everyone breathless with her performance. It was the first live performance for the artist Cienne, new promise of Benzai Records. Iranian artist Nava’s final DJ set was the icing on the cake. But that was not all: several special guests, including visual artists, embellished the exhibition with their works, including painters of the caliber of Luca Bartoli and the cartoonist Paolo Raiteri. The event was held in the new spaces of Bobino.

who are YTC

Majjo and Paul met in the classrooms of a musical institute in Milan. Together they constitute a project dedicated to freedom of expression. The two songwriters find themselves merging their different backgrounds into a unicum: rap legacies derived from the ghetto contaminate the Italian bel canto, soul reminiscences from overseas insinuate themselves into the electronic substrate of their songs. Within the YTC container the two authors intend to bring together the experiences gained in the world of artistic perfumery, theatre, fashion, videomaking and dance and their approach to creativity becomes increasingly synesthetic. During the pandemic, the duo starts producing a web series of music videos and, despite the delicate moment, they bring home two episodes of the series in 2020. The latter suffers a setback due to restrictions and Paul and Majjo go through quite a few difficulty in that critical phase. However, the two decide to react positively and in that moment, in Paul’s vision, the germ of what is the Yet To Come Creator Contest is born. Speaking of the contest, Yet To Come say: “we hope it will be the first of many similar contests: philanthropy and circularity in art are the only way out of the critical situation in which all artists are raging in this historical moment . Our dream is to one day give one million euros to an artist”.