Theater, Vincenzo Zingaro ‘national excellence’ awarded at the Chamber of Deputies

In a message, the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano wrote: “actor, director, playwright of great stature, animator of many quality and successful theatrical activities, the work of his Centro Stabile del Classico is an invitation to experience the classics and of their perennial contemporaneity”

A bronze sculpture, forged exclusively for national excellence, was delivered to the Chamber of Deputies to Vincenzo Zingaro to honor the thirtieth anniversary of his activity as director, actor, playwright, director of the Castalia Company and the Arcobaleno Theater (Center of Classical Theater ), of which he is the founder, by the president of the Culture Commission of the Chamber Federico Mollicone, who read the messages sent for the occasion by the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano and by the Undersecretary for Culture, Vittorio Sgarbi. Messages of esteem and congratulations to Zingaro were also sent via video by the actors Glauco Mauri, Virginia Raffaele, Mariano Rigillo, Leo Gullotta and Giuseppe Pambieri.

“It is with particular gratitude and affection that I write these lines for the Teatro Arcobaleno (Centro Stabile del Classico) and for its passionate and capable artistic director – reads the note sent by the Minister of Culture – Vincenzo Zingaro is an actor, director and playwright of great stature, animator of many quality and successful theatrical activities, as well as founder of the Compagna Castalia and of the Arcobaleno Theater, Centro Stabile del Classico of which he is Artistic Director.The merit of Vincenzo Zingaro is to have completely renovated and relaunched it as the ‘house of the Classical ‘ – it continues – transforming it into a ‘temple’ of ancient and modern theater of national interest… The work of Vincenzo Zingaro and his Teatro Arcobaleno (Centro Stabile del Classico) is therefore an invitation to experience the classics and their contemporaneity It is an invitation to the work of art and to the extraordinary social and civil value of a culture that, as Italians, we have a duty to love, preserve and pass on to future generations. Those generations – concludes Gennaro Sangiuliano – who have crowded, and still crowd, the Rainbow Theater discovering, thanks to the classics of the past and the talent of the interpreters, how rich our history is, how contemporary and current the classical theater is”.

This is the applause of the undersecretary Vittorio Sgarbi: “Zingaro deserves to be included in the enlightened elite of artists who applaud authenticity, regardless of the fashions that frequently look at the past with contempt… I can therefore only appreciate and support, especially in the role of Undersecretary of Culture, the ingenious work that Zingaro has been carrying out for years, restoring to the theater its most authentic nature, seduced by the sacredness of the origins and open to the epic of new rites”.

During the ceremony also the commendation of Federico Mollicone, president of the Culture Commission of the Chamber of Deputies: ì”For 30 years, Vincenzo Zingaro, director, actor and playwright, has been carrying out an important project of revisiting and representing the Greek and Latin classics, to which he has managed to give ‘new lymph’, as attested by the sentiment of critics and essays by distinguished scholars – he explains – Since 1992, with the cultural association Castalia, Zingaro has been proposing a unique project, dedicated to the classics, which recalls the our common cultural roots and the red thread that unites European civilization. A project that has strongly distinguished itself on the national scene, obtaining considerable recognition, with which it has managed to involve hundreds of thousands of young people, giving life at the Teatro Arcobaleno in Rome, at the Centro Stabile del Classico, playing a role of pre-eminent cultural and social interest in favor of the new generations. … Zingaro – adds Mollicone – rap presents an excellence of the Italian Theater, distinguishing itself for the originality, inspiration and rigor of its artistic career”.