Theatre, farewell to Enzo Moscato, the actor and playwright was 75 years old

Mourning in the world of theatre, the actor, director and playwright Enzo Moscato passed away at the age of 75, after a long illness. Great protagonist of post-Eduardo drama, Moscato was born in Naples, in the Spanish Quarter on 20 April 1948. In his city, where he set many of his dramas, telling the social hardships of those inhabitants with stories full of life, complex, contradictory and never straight, he achieved studies in philosophy at the Federico II University. Subsequently, after having assumed the role of teacher for a few years, he made his debut in what would become his immense world, the theatre. Since 1980 the author has been an interpreter of a new theater of poetry which recognizes its ancestors in the great Neapolitan and international authors and composers, from Artaud, Genet to the cursed poets of the end of the century, to Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Scannasurice, Signurì signurì, Piece noire, Rasoi, Single girls with some experience, Embargos, Luparella, Ritornanti, Toledo Suite: these are some of his works written, staged and performed in a forty-year career.

Artistic director of the company he created (Compagnia Teatrale Enzo Moscato) with which he created notable productions for various shows, he worked alongside directors of the caliber of Mario Martone and Pappi Corsicato, to name just a few. He has received numerous awards, from the Idi Award 1988 to the 1st Oscar of the Italian Radio Award 1992, from the International Radio Award of the Ostankino Festival (Russia) 1994 to the ‘Annibale Raiuto’ Positano Award 2003, from the Benevento Città Spettacolo Award 2009 to the Benevento Award Città Spettacolo 2009, at the Concetta Barra Prize 2020.