Theatre: Francesco Berrafato’s ‘Delirio SinFONico’ is staged in Rome

A show, conference, concert that revisits in an ironic – and only apparently light-hearted way – the feminist theses of the 70s on the sound of the mother’s voice. “The Voice is female and the Word is male”: Delirio SinFONico plays on this difference, the show staged by Francesco Berrafato on 25 February at the Teatro Albertino in Rome, represented by the ‘odd couple’ formed by a philosopher-musician ( played by Berrafato himself) and a phon. After a graduation discussion that ends badly, the two present themselves to the audience to defend a whimsical and captivating thesis that undermines the culture of patriarchy: HE, the fon, is actually a SHE.

It is not a simple hairdryer, it is the Voice, the memory of the voice before words are uttered, a pure sound, just like the buzz of the hairdryer, a warble, an intonation, the one with which, as soon as we are born, each of us communicates with one’s mother. And for this reason it manages to reach much deeper. The representation of the Voice is entrusted to a presence in flesh and blood, that of Giulia Grassi, outside the space and time of the story, but, at the same time, in constant contact with them. The Voice is female, emotion, freedom and inspiration, while the Word – which she explains, defines and cages – is male, the result of a culture declined for centuries by men. Returning to the Voice, to the original sound is the way out of patriarchy.

A thesis supported, as the singular couple claims, by unequivocal statistical and scientific data. The sound of the hairdryer on Youtube has more plays than Maneskin songs. The audience in the room is asked to talk about their personal relationship with the fon and so it turns out that there are many more ‘fon-addicts’ than one might imagine, because the fon is a friend, a confidant to whom you can tell what you want. words cannot say. The sound of her puts children to sleep, eliminates anxiety, cures tinnitus. Her warmth makes us feel good, it takes us back to the original duet with the mother, to the femininity that is in all of us, silenced by the rigidity of everyday words. In a scenography made of toilet paper rolls, a symbol of the uselessness of the word, the audience is accompanied by the constant buzz of the hairdryer, the music of Francesco Berrafato’s accordion and the singing of Giulia Grassi. The appointment is at the Albertino Theater on February 25th at 6.30 pm.