Theatre, in Naples “Christmas in the Cupiello house” by Vincenzo Salemme

The new show by Vincenzo Salemme, director and protagonist of Eduardo De Filippo’s masterpiece, arrives at the Diana Theater in Naples Christmas at the Cupiello house. The Neapolitan actor’s transposition, scheduled from 1 November to 17 December, is faithful to the original tragicomic comedy: the three acts tell the story of the Cupiello family’s Christmas, where the rites of the nativity scene and preparations for the party are shaken by the discovery of daughter Ninuccia’s extramarital affair.

The show

Salemme compares himself with maestro Eduardo, whom he met in 1977 during the rehearsals of one of the replicas of the original show, and takes on the role of Luca Cupiello, “Lucariello”. The music was specially written by Oscar winner Nicola Piovani, and a large company brought the show to life: “We are 40 people – said Salemme -, I ventured into a theater that is no longer made. A crazy machine where there was wonderful industriousness.” “Reconnecting with Edoardo after so many years was a joy because I rediscovered a cultural civilization that unfortunately is fading and therefore I am happy to have said his words, the words written by him”, concluded the actor.

De Filippo’s version

The show was staged for the first time at the Kursaal Theater in Naples on 25 December 1931. Originally it was a single act, the other two were added later. In fact, the comedy was initially focused only on the Christmas lunch during which the drama of jealousy takes place. It was later reworked, anticipating the beginning of the narrative to two days before Christmas, during which the characters that make up the Cupiello family present themselves to the public with their characteristics and their inner world.