Theatre, on stage on the 20th in Rome “The talent of illness”

The theater show “The talent of illness” – which in 2023 won the “Panettone d’Oro” prize for civic virtue – will be staged in Rome at the Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore Auditorium on the 20th of this month: the culmination of an autobiographical journey created with 15 women cancer patients from the C6 Siloku association, designed and conducted by Paola Albini (director and playwright and president of the Franco Albini Foundation) and Natalia Piana (pedagogist and expert in Narrative Medicine) of the Franco Albini Academy.

“The talent of illness” deals with a highly topical topic that affects everyone without distinction, the authors explain in a press release. It is a show designed to accompany people in gaining awareness of what happens in emotional, psychological and relational terms when they encounter illness and the profound meaning that this experience can bring in terms of change and rebirth.

The idea of ​​translating the 15 stories of the women of C6Siloku collected during the autobiographical journey into a universal theatrical text, co-written by Paola Albini and Natalia Piana, was born from the awareness of how important it is not only to give voice to the disease and find the words to tell it, but also share it to heal from the isolation and loneliness that the experience of illness often brings with it.

On stage Paola Albini and Natalia Piana will give substance to the disease, the other to the cure, surrounded by voice-overs, images and videos, in an open and generative dialogue with the public, within a harmonious interweaving of different languages: theatrical , pedagogical, philosophical and poetic.

“The talent of illness” is a performance with a strong educational, therapeutic and social impact that speaks to everyone: patients, family members, friends, associations and healthcare workers. A container of surprises that activates a collective reflection on illness and life, as told by some of the many messages received after the debut on May 18, 2022 at the Pime Theater in Milan.