Their love was born on the set but now it seems they have left: relationship at the end of the line

From the love born on the set to the relationship that has come to an end, the two would have left: they are no longer a couple, what happened

Theirs love would come at the terminus, today they would no longer be a couple. Although there is no official news, the indiscretion seems to be well founded. They would have decided to simply remain friends. But what prompted them to take this path?

Love at the terminus, the two are no longer a couple (Credits: Instagram)

Theirs was a love that broke out on the set of one of the film successes in history, from 2020 they had embarked on a common path becoming a couple then made official to the public. However, today their paths would have separated. The reason that would have led to this removal? Let’s find out more together!

Love at the end of the line for the couple: they broke up

Mission Impossible 7 not only achieved a resounding success on the big screen but also gave Tom Cruise and Haylay Attwell a wonderful love story. From 2020 to today, or in any case until recently, the two were a steady couple.

The love between the two that today seems to have come to an end, blossomed on set and kicked off even away from the cameras. On the set the spark would have burst but even far from this the two had a complicity that led them to share part of their journey together. But then something went wrong, today it would seem we are talking about a ‘beautiful friendship’.

The Sun provides the news by letting it be known that already at the last premiere of the latest movie Top Gun: Maverick the two attended together but no longer as a couple. Despite the strong agreement, however, already in 2021, the couple had gone through a period of crisis. However, after a stormy moment, the storm seemed to be over. Today, however, we learn that Tom and Haylay would have chosen to continue their relationship only as good friends. What is the cause of the breakup? The reasons are not made explicit, however it was thought that the first problems between the two emerged when they made the couple official to the public, often becoming the object of media attention.

love at the end of the line
(Credits: Instagram)

It is not certain that their separation, however, is definitive, who knows that perhaps it is not a passing moment and that the spark of love makes ‘gong’ again in their hearts. What do you say?