Theirs is a love that has lasted for more than 30 years, do you know who Roberto Baggio’s wife is?

Roberto Baggio is the legend of Italian football and sport, but do you know who his wife is? Their love has lasted for more than 30 years.

Together with Luca Argentero, he will also be the special guest of this third appointment of There is mail for you. We are talking about him: Roberto Baggio, a true legend of Italian sport and football.

Have you ever seen Roberto Baggio’s wife? Photo source: Getty Images

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For the third episode of There is mail for you, Maria De Filippi has decided to surprise all her beloved audience with some very special guests. Not only do we refer to Luca Argentero, beloved actor and currently on the air with Doc-in your hands, but also Roberto Baggio. Really amazing, right? How to blame you! Waiting to see the story of which he will be the special gift, are you curious to know something more about him? From a footballing point of view, let’s face it, we really know everything. From the ‘private’ and sentimental one, instead? From what we learn from the web, Roberto Baggio has been happily married to his wife since 1989. And he is the father of three wonderful children. You, however, have never seen hers wife? Sifting through his social channel, we were able to track down some couple shots. Here they are together.

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Roberto Baggio, who is your wife? What is his name and when are they married?

If his football career is studded with successes, nothing less can be said about his love life. Married to his current one wife in 1989, the love that binds Roberto Baggio and his beautiful spouse is a once in a lifetime love affair. For more than 30 years, in fact, I have been husband and wife, yet even before taking the big step it would seem that the couple met 7 years earlier. Well. But what do we know exactly about her? Who is the woman who stole the heart of the good Baggio?

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Roberto Baggio’s wife is called Andreina Fabbi. And it’s really beautiful. Although the information we have about her is very minimal, we can tell you that the love between them is truly unique and rare. Here they are together:

Roberto Baggio wife
Photo source: instagram

Roberto Baggio together with Andreina and their three children really form a wonderful family.