Thelegati and that Tu Tu Tu who exorcises anger: the video

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Bass, guitar and drums, sung in Neapolitan, blues songs, with punk attitude and sounds ranging from stoner to garage rock. You may be wondering, what kind of mess is this? In truth, we don’t know how to explain it well either, or rather, we know it: this is what we do best, a “Tarantella”. Who we are? Cefrone (vocals and guitar), Pelo (vocals and bass), LaBionda (drums). The Thelegati linked by friendship since they were kids, “linked” by music since 2013 by a record and an Ep, from December 9th we will finally be linked by our first real recording debut, “Senza Paura”.

You You You it’s the song that anticipates the release of the album, it’s the freshest piece, the one in which we show our more light-hearted, fun or, as we like to say, scoundrel side. Let’s try to explain its meaning like this: when there’s something that annoys you what do you do? We hummed a tune that goes “tutturururu”. It is the exorcising power of music to banish anger. A fresh and light piece that can enter the head to replace those annoying thoughts, or simply cover the voice of someone who “talks a lot”, as they say in our area. You, who always, always, always talk. You, you, you. That’s why the song title. But also because the number three is a recurring number in our history: three like us, three like the atmospheres on the disc, three like the scenes in the video. And then ttuttururururu sounded bad. When a nagging thought creeps into your head, when someone you can’t stand can’t get out of your thoughts, he sings. Get haunted by a song!

This is what we think, this is what we try to do in this song and with this video. We try to use music to free ourselves from negative thoughts, from the cursed loops we get stuck in on a daily basis. In the bathroom, on the couch, while you’re cooking, hum something silly, it’ll get better! A video, homemade from A to Z, a bit like almost everything we do. “Tuttururururu…”